“Now, after eight years of budgeting, saving and living debt-free, I’ve learned the solutions that actually WORK.”

I’m an amazing motivator. I’ve always been able to be disciplined and encouraging to my friends and family, and I can always find little ways to encourage even if it’s just telling someone I love their earrings that day. I’m great at giving compliments and identifying people’s strengths, but more importantly, making sure they know their strength. 

In under 3 years, I was able to pay off over $65,000 in debt using my strategic budgeting. When I graduated from college I had NO clue what I was doing with my student debt. If you asked me honestly, I just wanted to ignore it! One day, I went to make the minimum payment and was honestly looking at how I could spend the rest of it! However, my boyfriend (who is now my husband) encouraged me to make a larger payment.

It became a game for me. I LOVED to figure out how big of a payment I could make and still live in other areas of my life. I even went so far as to leave myself only $50 for an entire month.

I then learned the hard way how impractical that lifestyle is when I got super sick and landed in the ER with a huge bill and no money. Now, after 8 years of budgeting, saving and living debt-free, I’ve learned the solutions that actually WORK. 

It’s my greatest passion to identify what an individual is good at, and what their greatest strengths are, and apply that to budgeting. For example, my husband Jeff is a total saver. He will spend no money ever, so budgeting for him looks totally different from what it looks like for me. For each personality, there are different ways to budget, and I love helping people personalize their budgeting plan to meet their needs and their strengths. 

When I’m not blogging about tips for budgeting or finding great deals for my friends, you can find me walking with the babe, grabbing coffee with friends, or hanging with my hubby! 

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