Why I Started a Budgeting Blog

I spent most of my life believing that others had it all together. It wasn’t until I graduated college with $65,000 in debt that I learned there is so much more beneath the surface of what we see. In our journey to becoming debt-free, we learned a lot a long the way. A lot of failure, a lot of success and a WHOLE LOT of learning. I’ll admit I fell into the trap that told me wealthy people became wealthy because “luck” falls upon them and they landed incredible jobs.

Through our financial journey, I’ve learned that wealthy people often become that way because they sacrifice a lot. They don’t buy what looks great every time and they’ve learned to prioritize and say “no.”

We became debt-free through a lot of sacrifice, eating minimally and almost never going out. This sounds awful to most people. But guess what!? In the grand scheme of our lives, it was such a short amount of time to make a large sacrifice and we’ll be grateful we did it FOREVER. Once people started learning how we got out of debt, people started asking questions. They wanted to do it, too! I started meeting one on one with friends (Heck, strangers, too!) and helped them formulate a plan to tackle their finances head on.

As time went on, I was encouraged a lot by others who had actually put what I said into practice. I wanted to make this blog so I could reach EVEN MORE people. This is a way for me to speak to others in a way that says “I’ve been there, too.” I hope to be an encouragement and sounding board for you. I’ve been there and now I’m on the other side!