5 Tips for Hosting a Small Gathering or Party

Hi there, friends!

I recently threw my friend a baby shower, alongside my dear friend Sallie, and got a good amount of questions from you on how to keep costs low while hosting, while still creating a beautiful space for guests. You came to the right place! I am passionate about hosting and making things pretty especially on a budget.

Here are a few tips for you as you prepare for your next event!

  1. Keep a neutral color palette.

    Keeping your decor all in one color scheme is so helpful! I love having all these things on hand and have collected most of them over the years. You DO NOT need your serving ware to match, however, it always looks cohesive when your items compliment each other. Because of this, I only purchase items in white, glass or wood. The stain of wood isn’t too important to me, but I do tend to gravitate towards a lighter wash. Marshalls and HomeGoods are a great place to find these items!

  2. Add florals!

    I used to think florals were a waste of money when it came to parties, but now that I’ve learned how to create an arrangement on my own (rather than outsourcing to a florist), I think they are ESSENTIAL in hosting a party! They bring so much life and appeal to a space, I don’t think it’s a step that should be overlooked. If you’re not feeling confident about where to begin, I have two words for you. TRADER JOE’S. TJ’s has a wide selection of greenery and florals for an unbeatable price. Pick 2-3 colors and ONLY choose flowers that fit within those colors. More often than not, my floral arrangements consist of white and green (pictured below). If I’m feeling really adventurous I might throw in some blush OR yellow, but rarely both. I love the simplicity (and cost) of minimal colors in an arrangement.

  3. Go generic!

    Throwing a birthday party? Baby shower? Anniversary? Wonderful! Buying decor to align with your theme is important, but don’t get too specific. If throwing a birthday party, rather than a banner that says “Happy 5th Birthday”, get one that simply says “Happy Birthday” in a neutral color. You can reuse it for years to come for every member of the family! I personally love this one. For the baby shower, we purchased these plates and napkins. I love how classic they are and if there are extra- Can be reused for the next shower because they don’t say “Oh boy” or “Oh girl.”

  4. Buddy up!

    For this shower, I teamed up with my friend Sallie and split the cost for supplies. We each spent about $50, making the total $100 for a fun shower! It’s always helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off as well. We even got to shop together! Wondering how to split the cost? I think Venmo is best for this!

  5. Skip a big meal

    Rather than hosting a party during a mealtime, such as noon or 6pm, I highly recommend selecting a time frame that’ll cater to a less hungry crowd ;) (no pun intended). Our shower was scheduled for 10pm and did include coffee and snacks. Rather than feeling the pressure to prepare a huge breakfast or lunch, we were able to set out a charcuterie board with nuts, crackers, fruits and cheese. Sallie made some gluten and dairy-free cupcakes for Megan (who is the Healthy Grocery Girl and I made a few baked egg cups with veggies. Brunch was satisfying and there were even leftovers! Instead of ordering traveler sets of coffee from your local coffee shop, I suggest making your coffee at home! We purchased a bottle of cold brew concentrate from Trader Joe’s and just added water (and pumpkin spice almond milk creamer).

SavingVictoria Volpei