10 Common Habits of Millionaires


When you think of a millionaire, you likely think of the starts in Hollywood, professional athletes and certain Instagram influencers. Those aren’t the millionaires I’m talking about in this post. Below you will find the 8 habits of EVERYDAY millionaires. Your neighbor, your coworker, or even your good friend!

  1. They live on a budget!

    You heard that right. Even MILLIONAIRES stick to their budget. They tell their money where to go and that may be why they’re millionaires ;)

  2. You wouldn’t know they’re rich!

    Often when we think of millionaires, we have a pretty particular picture in our heads. Did you know the “everyday millionaire” may just be your neighbor driving the same car as you? Everyday millionaires tend to live modestly.

  3. They say “no.”

    They certainly would run out of money real quick if they said “yes” to every opportunity they were given.

  4. They practice delayed gratification!

    They save for what they want and wait for sales.

  5. They don’t buy brand new cars

    I can’t express this one enough. Sure, Ellen Degeneres and Justin Timberlake may do this, but not the simple, everyday millionaire you wouldn’t expect. I feel strongly about this one. No matter your income, I don’t think anyone should buy a brand new car. If anything, buy a new car that’s only a few months because the first owner couldn’t keep up with the payments. They paid full price, you saved THOUSANDS.

  6. They are task-oriented

    The everyday millionaire thrives on achieving goals, even the simplest ones. Try adopting this by creating “to-do” lists in your day and cross them off as you go!

  7. They avoid debt.

    You heard it right. NO DEBT. For all those thinking “I pay off my credit card on time every month and I get rewards, too!” What will you do when you don’t? Or can’t? Or an emergency comes up? You just took on debt.

  8. They are generous!

    WHAT!? You heard that right. They’re not hoarding all the money for themselves. Of course, they plan ahead how much they will be giving!

  9. They’re hard workers!

    They don’t expect handouts and work hard for the money they have. Often, they have many sources of income.

  10. They contribute to retirement

    403b, 401k, IRA, Roth IRA… You name it. They are investing and planning for the future.

SavingVictoria Volpei