How to Ask for a Raise

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely been feeling your dedication and time to your work needs to be matched with a bump up in compensation, or you’re having a difficult time making ends meet with your current pay. I’m here to help! Asking for a raise can be an intimidating process. I’ve outlined a few tips to help you along the way.

  1. HOW’S YOUR HEART? It’s easy to think highly of ourselves and the work we do, but before you set your guns a blazing, ask yourself these questions first:

    (adapted from Dave Ramsey)

    • Am I doing more than what is expected of me in my role?

    • If I was my boss, what traits in a person would I want to give a raise to? Try and think objectively on this one.

    • Have you volunteered for projects no one else has seemed to want?

    • Have you solved a problem in your office others didn’t want to do themselves?

  2. ASK YOUR COWORKERS. We tend carry a bias when it comes to our own performance. We naturally think pretty highly of ourselves, which is why we need an outsider to speak into the situation! Ask a few trusted coworkers about their observations of your work. A raise isn’t always about how much TIME you’ve spent at a company, rather the work you’re doing there.

  3. DON’T COMPARE. Discussing compensation with coworkers is NEVER a good idea, no matter what job you’re in. Comparison creeps in real quick when you do this. Make sure your desire for a raise comes from a true work ethic, not from what others make. You don’t know why so-and-so makes more than you and there could be very good reason they do. Don’t bring up others’ compensation at all. It will hurt you, not help you.

  4. THE PLAN! Meet with your supervisor and express your desire to take on more responsibility in the office. Discuss goals along the way and set dates to achieve them. These are long-term goals and won’t happen over night. Stick to your goals, show you honor your word and FOLLOW-THROUGH. Give it the time and show off along the way. If your boss won’t discuss a plan with you to help you improve in your work, you may need to find somewhere else to invest your time and value!