Guest Post: Date Night on a Budget

I was so excited when Amy from Lanham Creations reached out to me with a brilliant date night her and her husband did recently. She wrote up a little post for me I was so eager to share and loved the idea for an adorable ‘night in’ with your honey! I love how affordable this date is. It serves as a great reminder that creativity goes a long way while on a budget!

More about Amy: Hello, I’m Amy. I am a wife and stay at home mom to two kids and trying to build my empire during naps and nights when my husband is home. To keep my sanity, and on stay on budget, I create DIY crafts for the kids, home decor, and gifts. If I'm not sleeping, hanging out with my kids, or working, you can find me binge watching "The Office" reruns with my high school sweetheart, John.


Ever since we had kids, date nights have been practically non-existent. Sure, we might get an occasional night out here or there, but it’s nothing we can count on. Then when we started budgeting, like really budgeting- It meant even less date nights out. Date nights can be really expensive. The baby sitter, the nice restaurant, the drinks…

So I’ve been looking for ideas to make a ‘date-night-in’ special. It’s rough because to me, date night should be different than just cuddling up on the couch watching Friends. I’ve always wanted to do one of those paint nights. They sound like so much fun. Wine and painting with your love.

But have you looked at the prices on those things? They are way out of the budget!

It’s such a simple idea though. Just some paint, a canvas, wine, and your hunny. So I decided to recreate a paint night at home. The Dollar Tree had small wrapped canvases. I got two, so we could each have one to paint. I got paint from WalMart and I bought the kids craft paint because I could reuse it with my kids and it was under $5. I bought the pack of paint brushes from WalMart too. The only thing I spent a little extra on was the bottle of wine. We’re a sucker for the Cupcake brand. All the supplies (wine included) were under $20! And you’ll be able to use the paint and brushes multiple times.

Now you just have to find a picture to recreate. We took to Pinterest for inspiration. We both really like night sky paintings, and purple is my favorite color, so we picked a picture that incorporated both of those things. After the kids went to bed, we poured the wine, pumped up some music, and got to painting. It was so fun! It was nice to do something completely out of the ordinary. We didn’t feel pressured to have our paintings look any certain way. We both worked at our own pace and it was a nice way to relax and unwind together. We enjoyed it so much, we’re thinking of adding it in as a monthly date!

What do you think? Is this a date you and your significant other would like? Part of the fun of date night is looking forward to date night. So pick a night with your partner and have a paint night!