Budget Baby Shower Gift Guide

I don’t know about you, but lately I have been surrounded by baby showers. It’s such a fun season to celebrate the new babes, but it can get pricey! I went ahead and gathered some of my favorite items to gift for a baby shower for both babe and mom! The best part? They won’t break the bank, but your gift will be the one everyone will ask about at the party!

These are all items we personally own and I’ve done the “quality test” for you!

$11.95 Uncle Goose Wooden Blocks

$29.95 These make great storage for extra blankets and swaddles and they’re so cute!

$17.99 Bath Tub. It isn’t anything fancy, but we use ours for EVERY stage. It’s perfect from newborn all the way until the toddller stage when you don’t need it anymore!

$17.06 This book will give you ALL THE FEELS. It’s sweet and meaningful and the illustrations are SO GORGEOUS.

You Belong Here
By M.H. Clark

$7.95 Vegetables in Underwear. This book is SO FUNNY and I get a laugh every time.

Vegetables in Underwear
By Jared Chapman

$38 These Slumberkins are such a fun novelty and our babe won’t sleep without his! We received ours as a gift with his name monogrammed on it and it’s something I’ll cherish forever.

$47.99 for this Fawn Design diaper bag look-a-like. My friend has this and I was stunned at how similar the two bags are. This one is gorgeous and although I have the Fawn bag and not this one, I would have gotten this one instead if I had known I’d be saving over $100!

$31 This isn’t a cheap outfit, but it’s such a fun piece most moms wouldn’t splurge to buy on their own. I LOVED receiving Milkbarn outfits for my babe because they felt so special! This one is perfect for a sweet girl!

$38.50 This is the same brand as above (Milkbarn) but is a great gender neutral piece if you’re looking to shop for a boy or the mama isn’t finding out the gender.

$15.95 These make the best gifts! They’re great teethers/toys for the babe, but they also double as super cute decoration! We keep ours on top of a small stack of books for added interest!

$5.48 Okay, this one obviously isn’t cute but it’s powerful! No other diaper cream did the trick and I’m convinced this is straight from heaven!

$49.99 This is the chair I found for our son and we love it! It’s cozy for him and looks so classy in any room of our house! A mama-to-be would adore this addition to the home in a cozy book-reading corner :) We have the brown pictured here, but it really doedn’t look brown (more of a black and white).

$9.68 These books are simple and fun! There are many locations to choose from, but I chose California because it’s our home state! We also love the London one!

All Aboard! California: A Landscape Primer
By Haily Meyers, Kevin Meyers

$19.99 These make perfect nursing covers, but they so many other uses too! They’re great for covering the car seat from the sun or to keep it dark while the babe sleeps. We also used ours as a shopping cart cover!

$175.98 This one isn’t a cheap item, but it is a LIFESAVER for all stages of motherhood. I think I lived in this for months when our son wanted to be held nonstop, but I needed to free up my hands. This is the color we have and I love how neutral it is!

$14.99 Okay, so the babe won’t use this for a while but it’s too cute to pass up as a novelty gift for a shower. We received ours as a gift and it’s too cute to store away!

$4.66 If you haven’t noticed a theme yet, I love children’s items that are so cute you don’t mind if the toys are all left out! This one is a STEAL and it’s so cute you’ll want to keep it displayed!

$25.99 Every new mom needs a great robe. They can use it for their hospital stay or lounge around the house in it when she brings her new baby home! I lived in a robe the first few weeks and this black one is so sleek!

SavingVictoria Volpei