Recipe on a Budget: 5 Ingredient Apple Cookies

Finding affordable recipes when you’re in a pinch can be so hard! I’ve found myself in these types of situations too often and I was so excited to get this recipe to you all because I’VE BEEN THERE. Imagine, you’re invited to an event and asked to bring a side or dessert and you don’t know what to make! This 5 ingredient apple “cookie” is to die for and you likely have most of these ingredients on hand, too! Ive partnered with Autumn Glory Apple and Healthy Grocery Girl to bring you this and I’M JUST SO EXCITED!


Budget-Friendly Healthy Apple Cookies.png

As you’re making these cookies, keep in mind that they won’t spread so be sure to flatten the cookie a bit before you pop them in the oven. You also might be wondering, “how do these things stick together?” Guys. It’s the chia seeds. Do not ditch them! Although you can alter this recipe, you won’t want to! They are sweet and guilt free and everyone at your next event will love you! Your last step in this cookie making process is to try not to eat ALL OF THEM before your event. But, good luck!

I was able to bring these delicious cookies to a potluck at my friend Megan’s ( house. It was so much fun to be there with my other friends who just so happen to be part of this blogger world! My friend Hunter of was there, along with Kelly of, and last but not least- Lindsay of Be sure to check them out to see more recipes and photos of our event!