DIY Balloon Arch on a Budget

This past weekend I had the JOY of helping decorate a women’s conference for 150 lovely ladies. I was originally tasked with the honor of assisting my friend with florals (and that was a BLAST) but since I’ve done floral DIYs on here before, I thought it was time to switch it up and share my balloon arch with you all!

This was an idea I had after seeing some in a few photos and wanted to recreate it so bad!

If you have an upcoming birthday party, bridal or baby shower, fun dinner party or just ANY occasion, this is a great addition to any space. It makes a gorgeous backdrop for photos and would also look great above a food table, mantle (I’d recommend NOT lighting the fire, though), or the main entrance to your party!


1. String/Rope/Fishing Line (really ANYTHING of that nature. It’s going to be hidden anyway, but the lighter the color, the better!)

2. Balloons! And any assortment of colors you want! I used THIS set from Target, but you really can buy any combination of colors to fit the needs of your event. Keep in mind, the color of the balloon once its blown up is MUCH LIGHTER than the color of a deflated balloon.

3. 3M hooks, strong tape or existing nail holes (This type of arch doesn’t do well standing free. It looks best against a wall and that’s how you can get it to have this shape, rather than a traditional arch).

Here are a few cute options that come in sets I found for a little more inspiration. BONUS: They’re all under 20 BUCKS!


1. Blow up your balloons! I had many people tell me to get a balloon pump and I didn’t ON PURPOSE. I think I’m a little more old school and had a few friends help me blow them up the old fashion way. Hey, I’m not about spending extra money, anyway! I also love that you don’t need helium to make this!

2. Attach your rope/string to ABOUT where you want the arch to be. You can always adjust this later. Mine is affixed to 3 locations in this photo. The top right, in the middle and the bottom left of the photo.

3. Tie your balloons together in a colorful formation of 3-4 balloons. Add it to the rope by simply wedging the rope in between balloons.

4. Keep doing step 3 until your arch is complete! You can play around with the order of colors and move them around until you get them where you want them!

5. Fill in any gaps with loose balloons! When I was “done” with my balloon arch there were a few gaps and I simply shoved in a few extra white balloons to fill in gaps. SO easy and adds a lot!

6. Add greenery (if you’d like)! I think the eucalyptus added a lot of OOMPH to this arch and all I did was simply place it in between balloons. Good thing we had extra greenery! They aren’t affixed to the balloons in any way. Simply squeezed in between them :)

This is the arch before I added the silver dollar eucalyptus.

This is the arch before I added the silver dollar eucalyptus.

This is after! Love how much texture and dimension this added!

This is after! Love how much texture and dimension this added!

Have so much fun putting this up at your next event and send me photos if you do it! I’d love to see!

XO, Victoria

SavingVictoria Volpei