Shoes that Don't Go out of Style: Collaboration with Lotta from Stockholm

Between this blog and my Instagram, I often get questions about FASHION. Over the years, I’ve learned that women and men either really DON’T like shopping, or they love it so much they find themselves in a financial pickle. Rarely is it somewhere in the middle. A common question I get is how to make your clothes LAST, specifically in regards to the clothing not going out of style. I’ve touched on this topic several times, but have also recently been getting a lot of questions about the type of footwear to pair with these timeless outfits!

I am so happy to collaborate with Lotta From Stockholm because they’re clogs are WELL MADE (I’ve owned a few pairs for years and they’ve held up beautifully) and they are so classic!

They sent me these gorgeous pair of Highwood Tan Clogs and I can’t wait to wear them everywhere. They pair beautifully with every outfit and dress it up a bit, too!

One of my favorite hacks to use with my Lottas is to sand them down! After they get a little banged up from all the wear and tear, I can clean them up BEAUTIFULLY. Here are two pairs of Lottas I’ve cleaned up by simply using a sandpaper block on the wood. Look at that transformation!


I cannot recommend these enough! Let me know if you have any questions! #lovemylottas #lottafromstockholm

XO, Victoria