Money Saving Tips for the Holiday Weekend

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and I bet you’ve got a craving to celebrate this weekend!

BBQ’s, pool parties, and gatherings are HUGE this weekend and I want you to go into and out of the weekend with a full wallet!

Here are a few tips to keep things affordable this weekend:

1. Host a potluck! It can be fun to host a BBQ or event, but that doesn’t mean you have to do all the work! Oftentimes, people really want the company are are more than willing to bring food! Heat up the BBQ and host a “BYOM” (Bring your own meat) gathering! You can also ask people to bring a side to share! This way, you’re not making everything for your group, rather creating a fun space for people to bring what they want!

2. Use cash! While shopping, it’s easy to get tempted by holiday-type food the stores tend to stick on the end of aisles to catch your attention. Don’t be fooled by their marketing tactics! Use your cash and walk out with confidence knowing you only bought what was on the list!

3. If hosting your event at a park that charges parking fees, consider parking outside of the park and walking in! My family and I do this often and if you have many people meeting you, you all save on parking!

4. Ask each friend or family member to bring a game! You don’t have to buy anything you don’t already have and you’ll probably get to try some games you haven’t played before!

What tips do you have!? I’d love to hear!

SavingVictoria Volpei