5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Summer Without Breaking the Bank

When I think of Summer, I think of quality time with friends, being outdoors, BBQs, swimming, enjoying the weather and late nights.

I also think about increased food budgets, increased amount of driving that also leads to more money spent on gas, summer camps, paying fees for parking into various events and parks, keeping up with invitations that come with price tags (AKA invites to join for a trip to Disney, movies, and anything that cost money). I also think about the kiddos that were once in school most of the day that will now be in your care to entertain and feed which can also get pricey!

Summer is fun, but it’s also expensive! Here are a few tips to keep your budget in line this Summer:

  1. GET OUTSIDE! I’m not talking trips to amusement parks or pricey attractions. Hit the park, go on a walk, create a scavenger hunt for your kiddos and get the family outside.

  2. TEACH YOUR KIDS TO BUDGET: Get those kiddos involved! If there are things they are wanting to do or purchase this summer, it’s never too early to teach them to budget! Help them set up a lemonade stand and earn their money. I’ve also seen parents collaborate with friends in neighborhoods doing garage sales and have their kids sell coffee/hot cocoa at the garage sales, too! Encourage their creativity and teach them that hard work pays off!

  3. CHECK YOUR CITY CALENDAR: Many cities have fun events throughout the Summer and are often free! I see a lot of cities hosting movies at the park and various activities that are fun for the whole family! Be sure to pack food for these events, as the food offered at these will be pricey!

  4. PACK YOUR FOOD: The park, the beach, the amusement park, the pool… EVERYWHERE! You can even consider buying in bulk and freezing what you can’t eat right away. This will cut costs drastically!

  5. TURN UP THE HEAT: Okay, not literally, but when you leave the house bump up the temperature 7-10 degree. The US Department of Energy states you’ll save 10% on your AC bill by doing this. That adds up! You could even consider turning off the AC altogether while you’re out. Imagine how much that would save!

For more money saving tips this Summer, head over to Dave Ramsey’s post HERE.

SavingVictoria Volpei