Maskcara: My Affordable and Safe Makeup Routine

I switched to Maskcara beauty products a few months ago and I’ve been beyond happy with the switch! I had been spending so much money on various brands and my makeup bag was overflowing. Urban Decay eyeshadows, CoverGirl foundation, Maybelline concealer, ELF eyeliner, Benefit bronzer, Tarte blush…

When I switched, all my makeup fit into THIS small compact. All I had to do was throw in my brush and mascara and I was good to go!


The best part? Each tin is $14!!! WHAT!? So incredibly affordable and when you run out of 1 color, you only need to buy what you ran out of!

Secret tip: I also love using THESE compacts to create my own eyeshadow palettes!

If you’re interested in switching to Maskcara, contact me on Instagram @theblondebudget OR feel free to use my contact form on my website! Here is what I need from you so I can color match you:


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does Maskcara last?


2. Are Maskcara products safe?

Victoria Volpei