How I'm Spending My Raise


I got a raise. You know what I’m doing with my new found “extra money?” I’m not touching it! I’ve lived my whole life without it and I won’t miss it if I put it right into savings!

This mindset isn’t common for 20 somethings, or heck- anyone, but we need to shift our thinking! So many spend their days consumed by what they’re going buy next, but once they’re in a pickle (and IT WILL HAPPEN) they’re strapped because they spent all their money on concerts, lattes and the latest trends.

I posted recently on Instagram that we shouldn’t be spending our money on what we want now, rather what we want most later. The next time you get a raise (regardless of the amount), I encourage you to set it aside and save it for what you want most. For us, it’s a house! Once that perfect house comes up, we won’t be scrambling trying to afford it. We will have saved well for a down-payment and we’ll be ready to pull the trigger because we didn’t spend everything we have on what we wanted each passing day!

You’ve got this!

SavingVictoria Volpei